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About TradeHitch

TradeHitch is founded by a trader to provide absolutely tailored trading solution for each trader

TradeHitch was founded by a trader who started off his trading journey after spending countless hours and money on trading education. It was close to five years of turmoil before he started seeing his portfolio growing consistently.

As he reliably grew his accounts, he started to face diminishing returns due to problems relating to orders fulfilment, liquidity, emotional plays, fat fingers and the likes. He then figured that he needs to start looking into automating parts of the trading execution process to continue his portfolio growth.

After some visible successes in automation, he got thoroughly obsessed to it and ended up going wider and deeper into the world of algorithmic trading. Some of his expertise include automated strategy parameters optimisation, low latency trade execution, multi-account trade sync, and server site/configuration customisation.

Presently, he runs half a dozen of servers spread across the world with more than active 30 trading algorithms (both market-making and profit-generating) running. From his experiences, he knows the difficulty of trading execution bottlenecks that limit growth potential too well. Hence, TradeHitch is founded to provide tailored automation to each traders' unique trading execution process.